Love 2.0 Layouts

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Click on the images for codes and live previews!

A Wedding Story

You’ll be the Prince and I’ll be the Princess

Hands are for holding, hearts are for loving (animated 2.0 lyt @ 875px)

Same Tree (animated 2.0 Lyt 960px)

Soon to be my Husband

His sweet kisses send me on a trip and makes my foot pop

Bride to Be by Wy =)

I hold the key to his Heart by Wy =)

Love My Ultimate High – Poem by Dani

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  1. wickedstangschick says:

    Would LOVE some of these turned into a Blogger layout!

  2. I also snagged the blue love one
    Thank you

  3. i grabbed the bride to be one :) i totally love it! Thank you!!

  4. Thanks for letting us know Ashley, the background now shows as in the preview :)

  5. Snagged the caffine one cause the prince and princess ones background doesnt show like the picture. Will snag the prince one later! Thank you so much

  6. love these all
    snagging the last one (one key, 2 hearts)
    I’m sure I’ll be back later to use more =D

  7. so cute snagged love my ultimate high

  8. I love these layouts!! im sngging Pieces together and using :)

  9. Christine says:

    these are fantastic!!
    I snagged your puzzle pieces one!!!
    thank you so much!

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