Marine Corps 2.0 Layouts

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Click on the images to get to live preview and codes!

Only for the Truest Hearts – Wife

Only for the Truest Hearts – Fiancee

Only for the Truest Hearts – Girlfriend

I Love My Marine Penguin Style – Mates for Life

I love My Marine 2.0 MySpace Layout

Marine Corps Girlfriend – The best Job in the U.S. Military

Marine Corps Girlfriend

Marine Corps Fiancee – He liked it and he put a ring on it

Marine Corps Fiancee

Marine Corps Wife – He liked it and he put a ring on it

Marine Corps Wife

My Marine gives me butterflies

My Marine is one Badass Ride

Married to the USMC

Loving the USMC Life

Marine’s Princess

United States USMC Brat

Proud to be a USMC Family

Home is where the USMC sends us

Marine’s Sweetheart

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  1. hey i tried putting one of your layouts on my myspace but it woudnt come out right hep??

  2. hello girly i love the layouts HOORAH, I snagged the purple marine sweet heart layout its cute, Cant wait to see your new stuff take care

  3. Love them all …will likely snag one or two they are so cute! Especially the penguin! lol!

  4. LOVE the layouts! Snagged the wife one with the big diamond!

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