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How to use camolove’s Facebook Photo Stream Banners

1. You have to upgrade to the “new profile look” (late 2010 early 2011) so your profile shows the properties above.

2. Save all 5 single images for each banner to your computer.

3. Create an album on your facebook profile called “banner” or what ever you like and upload the banner images.

4. Now, tag yourself in the images. Click on “Tag this Photo” and select yourself. The image stream shows all the latest images you have been tagged in.

5. Go to your profile and check it out :)

6. If someone tags you in an image you don’t want to appear in the stream, hover for the image and click the X in the upper right corner (“hide this image”). That will hide the image from the stream :)

7. If you find the order of the images scrambles do this:

* remove the tag of yourself in each image

* check back on your profile, all the new images are gone again

* go back to the album and then starting with the LAST image tag yourself again. Hit “done tagging” after EACH ONE. And check your profile to see the image you just tagged  up front. Go to the second to last image and tag yourself again, hit “done tagging” and so on.

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  1. Calynde Thomas says:

    so helpful, thanks!

  2. Justine Davies says:


  3. Jen Smith says:

    Gonna snag the Army ones. Thank you Dani!!!

  4. ty so much for the tut

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