Coming out of the Closet The Fossil Key Per Tote

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Hello. My name is Dani and I’m a purse addict. There I said it. To my husband’s dismay I own more than one purse. He doesn’t get why I would ever need more than one.

His reasoning “Do you ever carry more than one?” No.

My reasoning “Do you have more than one pair of underwear?” YES!

See…to me a purse is like underwear, you can’t really wear them again the next day 😉

I found this BEAUTY for a bargain, and after hiding it in my closet for a while…it’s now coming out of the closet. The Fossil Key Per Tote. Very sporty, wipe-able surface, straps and handles and magnets for closures.

And those colors just scream spring – a very 70ies kind of way :)

And just a little closer…

What’s your addiction?

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  1. jennifer says:

    Very cute, Dani! I love Vera Bradley’s very berry paisley… I have the hipster, on the go, miller, and weekender (and a couple change purses) in that design. Love ’em!!

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