How a girl starts her day

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I’m a sleep deprived mom of 2 little girls. I start my day with coffee, lots of it, freshly brewed in a French press.

Then it has to be poured into large travel coffee mug. Large because I need lot’s of coffee. And travel mug, because before I get to finish this cup it will be 2 hours, 1 diaper, 2 packed lunches, one brushed head of hair, one dressed toddler and one newspaper later. My mug is an ethos no paper mug. Pink is the new green!

I add lots of Vanilla Coffeemate – because seriously, who drinks coffee without milk and sugar, and toxic chemicals I can’t pronounce much less type? – Not this girl!

Tightly close the lid and with a warm, colorful feeling – I’m feeling like Barbie ( if she had a life sized Starbucks, she’d drink out of this mug, no?!) – I start the day.

Hooray! I feel life flowing back into my body. Good morning to you, sir!

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  1. That travel mug is awesome! Where can I get one? 

  2. Rachelle says:

    looks good! but i prefer my keurig much more! :)

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