New Horizons

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I am so excited and happy to tell you about the new and improved As you can see we’ve updated the look to go along with all the great new additions we have for the site.

camolove is being enriched with new categories like Recipes, Parenthood, Crafts and many more that will have fun and interesting posts. The first recipes are already up, so take a look! Other sections are in the making.

As always a whole area is dedicated to graphics and the Military (my roots in this business 😉 )

I am currently working on a new clipart store where you can get my illustrations, papers and other printable goodies.

My goal is to make camolove a more personal experience. So feel free to leave suggestions or if you would like to join the team like Wy and Raye have, contact me and let’s chat about it.

I am Dani, I’m addicted to the internet and I bet you are too. Let’s indulge together!

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  1. Love the new look!

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