No Logo?

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I have been working on logos for various groups and businesses – they are so much fun to make. It is a bit challenging to condense what a site or business is about into just one image.

Here are some of the logos I made recently:

Iraq – Afghanistan – Facebook Page

Dear Deployment I hate you – Facebook Page

Belles of Benning Meetup Group

So, I think needs a logo too, but usually when it comes to making my own stuff I get stuck, it’s easier to design for other people…weird. I know.

What are your ideas for a, what should say, show, colors ect.



PS. If you would like your own logo made, my charge is $35 just email me at

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  1. Thanks hun, glad I am not the only one who has trouble doing something for herself LOL. I have some ideas and will play around with them today :)

  2. I feel your pain hon, I can never seem to come up with stuff for myself, especially a logo which seems to be an ongoing project. I really like the logo’s you did for the other people. For yours, maybe make the words “camo love” form into a heart and use pink camo or something as a pattern in the font?! Just a thought, good luck hon.

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