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I love cooking and am trying out new recipes all the time. That also means I have a huge pile of lose recipes. Some are handwritten by my friends and family, some printed from the internet.

Today I am on a mission to sort them all out and bring them into order. The solution is a recipe binder I created at the Zazzle camolove store. It a has vintage sort of 1950ies look to it – reminds me of the good ole days when there was a lot of cooking in the family.

Once this beauty arrives I will use those clear protector sheets for all recipes and have them nice and cleanly put away in my binder :) And if I am going all Martha Stewart I will use some tabs to make categories…maybe 😉

You can find more recipe binders here!



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  1. Great idea, you could then customize the sub tile Vol.1 Vol2 or something like that :)

  2. natasha says:

    @Dani: yeah i saw that and i think i’m gonna get both…i have a TON of recipes!!!

  3. Thanks hunnie :)

  4. i love it! =) great job dani!

  5. Sure hun :) There is another color combo too: First I couldn’t decide, but then I settled for the ivory/black/red one :)

  6. natasha says:

    GAH! I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!! I HAVE TO GET ONE lol! thanks for sharing!

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