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Hey guys,

I just wanted to tell you about this new website called swag bucks. If you are online as much as I am, you will love this site. It rewards you with points (swag bucks) for using their site to do searches, go shopping online and finding swag codes you can get on their twitter, facebook and blog pages. You can then redeem those points for gift cards, electronics and more! I thought, ok I might as well give it a try, since I am online all day anyways and have been doing this for about 1 week and a half and already I could redeem my points for a 5USD Amazon gift card (but I think I want to wait till I hit 1200 bucks to get a 10USD Starbuck’s card :) <- Coffee Addict).

So come join me, see what the fuzz is about and start getting paid for what you already do! Click the banner below to sign up!

Search & Win

If you sing up via this banner (and get on my friends list) I will give you tips and tricks to get your swag bucks!

Update: About a week or so ago I redeemed my first swag bucks for a “prize”, I traded 700 swag bucks for $5 in my paypal account. And here is the prove, the 5 bucks made it into my account. So everyone sign up and get rewarded for what you do anyways!!!!

    Search & Win



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  1. Way to go, not long and you will get your first free prize :)

  2. MrsSlater070504 Jennifer S says:


  3. i keep seeing posts about this…wondering if its legit, but i totally trust you, so i think ill sign up :]

    • Great. I’ll let you know when I redeemed my first prize. They also have pics of ppl with their prizes. It’s way more productive than farmville but just as addicting. LOL

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