We have a Winner

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We got to see into the lives of so many of you. Thank you EVERYONE for sharing your pictures!

The winner with 78 votes is Valene.

This picture speaks for itself and moved so many. Thank you Valene for sharing this very private moment with the world (well our little world of camo).

A $50 target gift card will be on the way to you shortly!

There were 22 entries. 7 of them got double digit votes!!!

Veronica B. 55 Votes

Tamara H. 45 Votes

Collette A. 27 Votes

Ashley Y. 25 Votes

Mistee W. 17 Votes

Stephanie D. 13 Votes


Your camolove.com team!

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  1. congrats Valene! :)

  2. Camo Love rocks :)

    Thank you!

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